2019 Year-End Performances

Sunday, June 23rd

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

190 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3


More details on the Year-End Performance to be announced April 8, 2019.

Each year we donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization or charity.

This year we are proud to support Sick Kids.

Tights, Shoes, and Hairstyles

For Performances and Photo Week

Please find your class below.  If you don’t know which specific class your child is in or the name of their instructor, please log in to your Parent Portal here to see current class details.

On Stage Rehearsal

TBA Sunday, June 23rd at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

During the rehearsal, parents will be in charge of their own children. Each dancer will only be allowed one parent backstage with them. No additional siblings, grandparents or friends will be permitted due to capacity regulations. Your child may leave as soon as they are done dancing unless they are staying through to the show. There will be no access to the audience during the Dress Rehearsal.  

Each class will have approximately five minutes on stage to space and run through their dance with their teacher. All students need to arrive at the theatre 30 minutes prior to their on-stage time, as there will be additional practices and conversations regarding the performance taking place backstage with their teacher beforehand. 

Please note that no costumes are needed for this rehearsal. It is simply to work out spacing and technical details such as lighting, entrances, and exits. Dancers should arrive dressed in what they would normally wear to their weekly classes.

All dancers performing in the later show (time TBA) have been scheduled in the first half of the rehearsal. This is to allow enough time to go home to eat and rest in between. Dancers performing in the earlier show (time TBA) will have the choice to either leave the theatre briefly between the rehearsal and the show or stay backstage in the change rooms. There will be staff on hand to watch any children who decide to stay in the theatre. The same goes for dancers in multiple classes who may have extended breaks between their on-stage rehearsals

Rehearsal Schedule TBA

Please find your dancer's class below

Important Details

Arriving at the Theatre – Dancers should arrive at the theatre 45 minutes before the performance begins.  A change room list will be posted where you first walk in. Please find your class name and head to the designated change room. Dancers should remain backstage for the entire show until they are picked up by their parents, as everyone will take part in the Finale. The show will be 90 minutes long with no intermission.

Signing In and Out / Backstage Wristbands – When arriving at the theatre, ONE parent must sign in their dancer at the stage door on Scott Street. Upon signing in, you will receive a numbered wristband and this number will be recorded next to your child’s name. Please remember that the same parent who signed in their child must also sign them out after the performance and must have the matching numbered wristband on them. This procedure may slow things down however it is a safety precaution that we must take. Only parents of Tiny Tappers performers will be given access to their child’s dressing room before each show to drop off your dancer, get them settled in, and then proceed to your seat in the audience. Only parent volunteers and parents of Tiny Tapper Dancers will be granted access to the backstage area and must be wearing a colour-coded wristband. Once the performance begins only parent volunteers may remain backstage. The change room/backstage areas are very tight and there is a capacity that we must not exceed at any time.


Digital Videos

You will receive a digital copy of the show 2-3 weeks after the performances.

Please note that Queen Elizabeth Theatre does not allow videotaping or flash photography inside the theatre.

Show Order TBA April 8th, 2019

Early Show (Time TBA)


*For Dancers With Less Than Five Numbers To Change, A Quick Change Area Will Be Set Up Backstage And We Will Have One On One Assistance For Quick Changes.

Later Show (Time TBA)