What to Wear

For Preschool Age Dancers

Going to dance class for young children can be as much about the outfit as it is about moving to music. For this reason, there is no mandatory ballet uniform for any Creative Movement classes.
What matters is that what they are wearing allows them to move freely and that they feel good in it. Leggings or shorts and a form-fitting tank top are acceptable and appropriate for boys. Elaborate costume pieces and oversized tutus should be saved for designated “dress up” days. Students may also choose between bare feet and ballet slippers for class, but please NO SOCKS.

That being said, if your young dancer grows out of what they currently have and needs a new dance outfit, please refer to the information below. It applies to all Leslieville School of Dance students.

Creative Movement

Ballet 1-4

Ballet 5+

Everything Else

What NOT to Wear

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